Nehemiah | Week 06

inTro: Courage by Conflict

Chapters 4–6 can be taken as a narrative which compiles the schemes of the opposition. The first chapter of this section lists forms of direct external opposition. Chapter 5 reframes opposition from an internal perspective, where issues arise from the people within. The last chapter revisits external opposition but now from an indirect, hidden angle. Three whole chapters dedicated to opposition! Indicating that friction and resistance should not discourage godly leaders. Whenever God moves, there will always be a reaction from the devil. We should, in fact, be encouraged when there is friction. For when there is friction, we can rest assured that there is movement.

These opposition chapters advise us on the recourse we can take when faced with opposition. There is nothing new under the sun and today’s attacks still fall into these categories. As a study of these chapters will reveal, it’s not the opposition that is the challenge. The real challenge is to consistently, persistently, and insistently faithfully turn to God at each point of conflict. Last week’s study identified the main weapon for biblical leadership as prayer. This week will look at the second weapon against external opposition.

Read This Week’s Passage: Nehemiah 4:7–23