Nehemiah | Week 04

inTro: Brick after Brick

Warning: this chapter can be categorized as one of those “lackluster” chapters in the Bible. Just like building a wall, brick after brick, chapter 3 of Nehemiah details the people involved, verse after verse. Yet there are many principles of biblical leadership that can be gleaned from this seemingly monotonous passage. Even before scribing out the passage for yourself, there are some preliminary lessons to be learned.

  • Persevere through the “boring” parts of the Bible. It may be that we are not ready for some particular grain of truth at some specific stage of our spiritual experience. But precious gems of truth await if we will patiently wade and endure through the reading.
  • Readers do not always have to get something out of the Bible. Sometimes these details are background information or a setup for another story. As with all relationships, one does not have to get something out of everything.
  • In the “me-centeredness” of our culture, we fail to realize that it’s not always about God squeezing into our narrative, but us squeezing into His plan to save the world. Some parts of the Bible have seemingly obscure names and details, but they are recorded in the Bible, the inspired Word of God!
  • Though there is nothing special about each brick, an amazing structure emerges when one is done laying them down as a wall. May we read this chapter with Nehemiah’s patience and diligence.

Read This Week’s Passage: Nehemiah 3