Nehemiah | Week 03

inTro: Moving On

When God moves in your life, it is one thing to enjoy the experience by yourself; it is another thing to share the experience with others around you. In the story of Nehemiah, God had worked out miracles in Nehemiah’s secular context to advance his religious goals. Nehemiah had received all the things that were needed to rebuild the wall. From materials to diplomatic clearance, the small details as well as the large logistical concerns were not only boldly requested, but also astonishingly granted.

But now, more important than the project itself, Nehemiah was called to rally God’s people, the people of Jerusalem, to accomplish his goal of rebuilding the city walls. After years of sluggish progress, it was not only the wall that needed to be rebuilt, but the confidence of the public. The testimony of the heavenly King touching the heart of the earthly king was evidence that the hand of God was upon Nehemiah. He made sure that the people heard this story and used it to encourage their faith to rebuild once again. If earthly powers were moving, how much more the heavenly powers that were behind them?

Read This Week’s Passage: Nehemiah 2:10–20