Nehemiah | Week 02

inTro: Between Four and Five

Sometimes we gloss over the seemingly unimportant details of Scripture. But once understood, they can provide great insights. When compared to the first verse of chapter 1, the first verse of chapter 2 also takes place in the twentieth year of King Artaxerxes’ reign. The month Chislev of chapter 1 was the equivalent to about December or January, while the month of Nisan (not the Japanese automobile corporation) of chapter 2 was around April or May. So these apparently superfluous details portray that Nehemiah prayed and fasted for about four to five months. In order words, God answered his prayers not in decades or years, but in a few months (although some of us cannot imagine waiting months for an answer to a prayer!).

Do you have any large decisions that you need to make—for instance, decisions concerning your career, calling, lifework, marriage, finding your purpose in life? Why not set aside some time to pray and fast for the Lord’s wisdom and intervention? It may be a shorter time than you anticipate, perhaps four to five months, before you notice Heaven moving circumstances in your life as a response.

Read This Week’s Passage: Nehemiah 2:1–9