Nehemiah | Week 01


Discuss the following questions with your Bible study group.

  • What are some burdens that God is putting on your heart?
  • What walls are breaking down around you now?
  • What walls need to be repaired?
  • What are some human needs around you that you are being called to serve?
  • In your prayer life are you seeking answers as diligently and daily as Nehemiah?
  • Why aren’t our prayers centered around “God’s,” “Yhou’s,” and “You’s,” but the “my’s,” “I’s,” and “mine’s” instead?
  • How can we place more care, concern, and investment into humanity as Nehemiah did for his people who were so far away?
  • What palatial luxuries are we encompassed with?
  • What is your life burden?
  • What is your life passion?
  • What is your life calling?
  • Do these three intersect? Why or why not?