Nehemiah | Week 01

inVite: Contortion of Reality

What God says, comes to be: this is the nature of God’s Word and the basis for creation, salvation, and redemption—it is foundational to Scripture. What God says becomes reality (Ps. 33:6, 9). The soundwaves that came out of God’s mouth became light particles, energy, and matter. Philosophers have debated from antiquity on the nature of being. The Bible clearly points to the Word of God as the basis for reality.

This is why God cannot lie (Heb. 6:18; Titus 1:2). If He were to attempt a lie, reality would contort itself to comply with or obey with God’s Word.

And yet He gives humanity the freedom to choose whether or not they will align themselves with His Word. Unlike matter which has to abide according to God’s Word, humanity through God-given choice, based out of God’s love, does not have to. We can choose life, defined by the reality of God’s Word, or death if do not want to be part of God’s reality. Every day we make decisions to obey God’s Word or not. But when we choose to align ourselves with God’s Word, amazing results occur.

God seeks to speak to us again. He did it in the past. He did in the incarnation and life of Christ. He became the living Word. When we have stored up the Word of God in our minds and then claim them, God’s Word continues to speak to and through us.

While His promises took place in biblical history, studying them in their context will help us how to claim the same promises. The basis of these claims is rooted in faith: not a mere faith in His existence—for even the demons believe He exist (James 2:19). Our faith should be based on His goodness and His power (Heb. 11:6). Crises of faith derive from believing in God’s power, but not His goodness, thereby resulting in believing in a cruel, indifferent, powerful, fearful God. Or the other extreme is to believe in a good God who lacks power. This results in a Santa Claus–type of benevolent watcher who desires but cannot intervene in human affairs. Both are corruptions of our vision of God and damage our faith. History attests to complicated and complex philosophies and theologies that seek to portray and articulate these versions of God.

But God is both powerful and good. This God is accessible through the power of His Word. This is made most evident by Jesus Christ at creation, at the cross, through the church, and again through the crises and testimonies of our lives. What words of Jesus have you claimed today?