January 31–February 6

The Ultimate Sacrifice

Preface: Proverbs tell us we should trust the Lord, who controls the course of events even when all seems to go wrong. We need to live by faith and not merely by sight, because our sight can be exceedingly deceptive, showing only a small portion of what is real.

The story is told of a boy named John who, when he was 12 years old, built a model boat. He loved the boat very much and he took it to the river each day to sail in the water. One day as he was sailing his boat in the river, it was swept away by a strong current. After 20 years had passed, John was passing by an auction and saw the same boat that he owned long before and loved very much. How much will I have to pay for the boat? he wondered.

The bidding for the boat began, and the price of the boat kept on rising. One man made a bid of $10,000 for the boat. John countered with $10,100 for the boat. This figure was almost an entire year’s salary for John. Because he loved the boat so much, he would sacrifice a year’s salary to redeem his boat and to make sure that the boat was well taken care of.

Can you imagine that someone made an even greater sacrifice for us? Indeed, we were once perfect but the old serpent snatched us from the protective care of our Maker.

The devil means us no good and if it were left to him, we would all be dead or worse, or we would be living in fear and torment with a dark and gloomy future. The price that was to be paid for us was greater than any money could pay. It was the sacrifice that supercedes and nullifies all other sacrifices. Our loving Maker was now to take on the title of our Savior and Redeemer by paying the ultimate price for us, which was to be His spilled blood shed on Calvary. All Jesus now requires of us is for us to believe. Let us remember that our lives are not our own, but we were bought with a price that is far greater than any of us could ever pay. Let each of us kneel each day and give thanks unto the lord and seek His divine guidance to go.

Jesus paid it all; all to Him we owe. Let us always remember as youth where our priorities should lie. Always keep in mind the sacrifice that was made. The Savior left His throne above to come to sinful earth to die so that we might have life.