Read This Week’s Passage: 2 Kings 4:38–44

Special Forces

During the world wars in the twentieth century, most major fighting armies established formations dedicated to special operations behind enemy lines. They called them special forces. Instead of using conventional combat techniques, these soldiers were used for sabotage and reconnaissance. Since World War II, the operations that these specially trained individuals perform have increased in complexity. Among the major responsibilities of these elite military teams are covert intelligence operations, foreign internal defense, and hostage rescue. In 2018, a Thai junior football team was trapped in the Tham Luang Nang Non cave, and a group of volunteers that included special forces were called upon to conduct the rescue of the twelve children and their coach from the cave.

If ancient Israel had an elite special forces team, it probably would have been made up of youth who had graduated from the schools of the prophets. In fact, the reason this school received its name was that God often called upon the students to serve as prophets for His people.