Read This Week’s Passage: Exodus 25:1–9

Foundational Theology

Although the Sabbath and the second coming of Jesus are foundational doctrines for the Seventh-day Adventist Church, other Christian denominations also hold these beliefs. What makes Adventism unique in its theological contribution is the understanding of the biblical doctrine of the sanctuary. This biblical teaching formed the foundation of the church’s theology. While some have tried to attack this doctrine, when its implications are properly understood the sanctuary not only emerges as biblically true, but it also portrays in most vibrant tones the beauty of God’s relationship with His people.

For most of us, the sanctuary is often understood as a temporary structure and teaching that was put in place by God to eradicate sin. In this lesson we will discover how the sanctuary was established long before the plan of salvation, serving as a worship center of praise for our Creator. We will also explore its value in relation to education.