Read This Week’s Passage: Hebrews 11:1–11

Dry Faith

A small farming community was experiencing hard times as a result of severe drought. The people determined to gather together in prayer to God until rain fell in answer to their supplications. Finally, the moment came when their prayers were heard and water began to fall from the sky. As showers poured down, drenching all the faithful who had gathered to pray, the most notable person in the crowd was a lone dry child who came to the prayer meeting with an umbrella.

Faith is an essential part of the Christian’s life. It is not only needed in life’s greatest matters but also in the small things. God becomes real as the Sustainer through a believer’s steadfast trust in Him. Through the study of the Bible, the student is led to see the power of God’s Word and to expect it to do what it says in their life personally.

The role of faith in education is important because it is not possible for the spiritual life to survive without it. Prayer and faith are closely allied and should be studied together. This week, we will look at this subject and how it relates to the work of education.