Goodness in the world is not accomplished through intellectual prowess, streamlined efficiency, or great wealth. It is not the best who make the greatest impact in society; it is those who care the most. Love is the greatest motivation of all. In heaven and in earth alike, the person who loves Christ the most will be the one who will be determined and blessed by God in their fortitude to do the greatest good.

To the person who is discouraged and thinks they have nothing good to offer their community or no great gift to pour into God’s vineyard, God’s promise is an encouragement: a life of selfless consecration to God, of discipline, and of uncomplaining endurance will receive Christ’s greatest gift of grace. The challenges that our world faces is not a want of more brilliant minds, deeper pockets, or better resources; the desperate need of our societies is men and women who are truly unobstructed channels of God’s grace and goodness for those in need.

Wisdom takes the knowledge it possesses and asks itself the question, What is the greatest good that I can perform with the information that I’ve been entrusted with? Often, in order to do what is good, personal sacrifice will be required. It will be necessary to think of others better than ourselves. Wisdom does not seek personal riches; it seeks the salvation and wellbeing of others. Wisdom takes knowledge and power and exercises these advantages in ways that are morally aligned with the Word of God.

Jesus is wisdom. “In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God” (John 1:1). He is not just the Word of God; He is God the Word. Jesus is wisdom itself. Therefore “get wisdom!” (Prov. 4:5). For by receiving wisdom, we are receiving His very character in our lives, thus accomplishing the real work of true education.