One of the key components that makes God who He is comes from the fact that He is infinite. A fundamental problem that human beings might run into on their quest to know God is seen in the question, How can a finite individual ever discover an infinite God? We cannot expect a young child to understand certain complex things until they reach the age of maturity. In other words, in order for a child to understand what it means to be an adult, they must first become an adult. A finite human being cannot expect to discover an infinite God—the idea is more preposterous than an ant discovering the meaning of human life. In this sense, infinite spiritual things can only be understood spiritually.

How then can any human become acquainted with a God who is, humanly speaking, undiscoverable? God must reveal Himself. It must sink into the mind and heart of every individual that a revelation of God can only be a reality if it is a revelation by God. We find this in Luke’s story of the lost sheep (Luke 15). Although the sheep may know its lost condition, it cannot find its way back to God. The divine Shepherd must reveal Himself to the sheep or else it perishes in its lostness. No amount of human intelligence can discover God—He must make Himself known. And God makes Himself known through communion.

Communion is God’s method of education. In the Garden of Eden, face-to-face communion with God was the privilege of Adam and Eve. As they spent time with God, they learned more of His power, wisdom, and love. As they learned more about God, they yearned to become more like Him. As they longed to become more like God, they were empowered to grow into a more perfect form of His likeness.

However, God never stopped using this method of education. We see examples of this communion in the creation of the Sanctuary, which was constructed so that He could be with them (Ex. 25:8). Also, when He walked on earth with His disciples, communion was likewise His method of education (Luke 6:13). What is powerful about communion with God is that it can be experienced everywhere and through everything, aside from the blight of sin. Our knowing God is not confined to a classroom with a theologian or a teacher. Even Scripture, although it is the ultimate revelation Christ, is not the only one. Moment by moment and hour by hour, God reveals Himself to the individual who searches for Him with the whole heart (Jer. 29:13). The effect of such communion on body, soul, and mind is beyond human estimation, for the finite mind is miraculously enabled to receive the things of the Infinite.