One (and perhaps the best) way for churches to consistently gain decisions for Christ is to conduct regular public evangelism. Regular means more than holding a series every few years. It means publicly proclaiming the three angels’ messages (though some areas may require harvesting done in private contexts due to political situation), accompanied by personal ministry, through a full evangelistic series every year. Here are some practical ways to get this started:

1. SCHEDULE at least one full evangelistic series each year in a neutral or church location that can accommodate a crowd.

2. APPOINT one or two speakers, a meeting coordinator, and other necessary team members.

3. INVOLVE every member in some way—prayer and personal invitations, distribution of flyers, visitation, children’s program, registration, greeting, music, and so on.

4. ADVERTISE and INVITE in every way possible (personal invitations, mass mailings, radio, online, social media).

5. COMBINE a personal soul-winning plan with public preaching to include Bible studies, letters, visitations, baptismal classes, appeals, and a follow-up plan for each interest.

6. PROVIDE leadership support—promotion, financial support, and participation.

7. PRAY for laborers and for the salvation of souls through public evangelistic series.

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