Read This Week’s Passage: John 4:7–26 (19–26)

Rooted to Spread

After preparing the soil with friendship and service, the next phase in the disciple-making process is to plant seeds of spiritual truth. This is accomplished by introducing spiritual elements into our conversations, offering personal testimonies, or sharing truth-filled literature or media. Planting the seed of God’s Word may nurture spiritual interest if the soil of the heart is fertile. This stage is a natural extension of the preparation stage. Planting these seeds is absolutely essential if we are ever to reap a spiritual harvest.

This week’s lesson looks at a couple of the primary ways that spiritual planting takes place. As the narrative of John 4—the conversation between Jesus and the woman at the well—evidences, a spiritual conversation can take place where seeds can be planted through a testimony or an invitation. The chapter is an example of a conversation going from the mundane into the spiritual.

The second manner of planting is through the sharing of literature and media. Various manifestations of the seed exist solely to implant truth and spiritual material into the soil. Regardless of technique, the mindset of planting seeds should be “well rooted” in the mindset of the Christian disciple.