Read This Week’s Passage: Acts 8:26–40 (29–35)

Living Waters

The two larger bodies of water in Israel are the Sea of Galilee and the Dead Sea (or Salt Sea). These two bodies are connected by the Jordan River. While the Sea of Galilee has fresh sources of water emptying into it, it also has a mouth where water can exit. With a continual source of incoming water and a portal for outgoing water, the water there is fresh. The Dead Sea, on the other hand, has the incoming source of the Jordan but no exit. In fact, the water stays stagnant and evaporates, leaving behind the salt, therefore making the water an inhospitable place (hence the site’s famous reputation for buoyancy). The fresh water of the Sea of Galilee allows for many sources of life, including bountiful fish, such that the fishermen of the Gospels loved to work there. Christ Himself spent much time near the Sea of Galilee! By contrast, the high salinity in the Dead Sea causes nothing to survive in it.

In the past couple of weeks, this study guide has been covering the power sources of discipleship. We have come to the third aspect: witnessing. When Christ’s disciples connect directly with these three power sources—prayer, Bible study, and witnessing—results are inevitable. Just like the bodies of water, our spiritual lives need sources of fresh water coming in as well as having an avenue for water to go out. This is not an option but a necessity for healthy spirituality and discipleship.