Read This Week’s Passage: Isaiah 55:1–13 (6–11)

Sixty-Six Books

The world’s best-selling book, the Bible, was written between roughly 1500 B.C. and approximately A.D. 100 by some forty authors. Each of these authors had different cultures, educational backgrounds, personalities, and languages, yet their writings do not contradict each other under the rubric of Christ. If it weren’t for the same Spirit who inspired all of these writers, a similar harmony could not exist if forty random shepherds, farmers, tentmakers, physicians, fishermen, priests, philosophers, and kings from different times and cultures were to write a 66-book compilation.

Today the Bible is translated into hundreds of languages and continues to grow in its circulation. What is it about the text that continues to impact thousands of souls daily? The evidence remains that the Bible is a book that has supernatural ramifications, regardless of personal background. This is why the Word of God plays a crucial role in discipleship.

We have established that disciples are called to make disciples. But there are limitations to human ability. So last week we studied prayer as one power source that involves God in discipleship. This week, we will look at a second source that connects disciples directly with the power of God.