The promises of the Messiah, so powerful here in this final blessing of Moses, provide deep comfort to us as we face the end of this world’s history. Yahweh is almighty and powerful, and will deliver and save us. Yahweh is our ultimate King, who is coming in victory to rule in righteousness and peace, and on our behalf. Yahweh contends for His people, longing for them to be at peace in His judgments as they rely on Him.

Yahweh also loves and directs His people. He desires for us to dwell in safety, blessing us “with the choicest gifts of heaven above, and of the deep that crouches beneath, with the choicest fruits of the sun and the rich yield of the months, with the finest produce of the ancient mountains and the abundance of the everlasting hills, with the best gifts of the earth and its fullness” (vv. 13–16, ESV).

And He uses ordinary people to point forward to the ultimate gift, which is Himself. Joseph and Levi and Moses were far from perfect, yet God ordained that their lives would reflect Him in certain ways so that people could look at them and get a glimpse of what He would be like as their Savior. This is incredible grace.

God wants to do the same through us today. Though we will not be types in the technical sense, God can also use us to reflect His character to the world. We also have the privilege of speaking with God face to face in prayer, entering by faith into the heavenly sanctuary. Through us, God still has a message of mercy to share with this dark and dying world. Deuteronomy is not about legalism but about grace! It is about God’s immeasurable grace and love and desire for a heart relationship with us. Now that you have seen that more clearly, God is calling you to share it! Break through the lies that Satan has broadcast about God and share the true nature of His character of love and mercy. Very few people read the Old Testament at all, let alone Deuteronomy. But as you share of God’s heart and His desire for their hearts, you can be the change. May it be said of you, too: “Happy are you, O Israel! Who is like you, a people saved by the Lord, the shield of your help, and the sword of your triumph!” (Deut. 33:29, ESV).