Deuteronomy 30 points to Jesus in numerous ways. Yahweh is the One who has compassion on His people, even when they have rejected and betrayed Him. He does not leave us in the consequences of our betrayal, the covenant curses, but He promises to bring us back. And His punishments are redemptive, with the purpose of repentance and return (vv. 1–5).

Yahweh is also the one who prospers and multiples and blesses His people (vv. 5, 9, 16). This is God’s greatest desire. The curses are ultimately intended for God’s enemies, and He never wanted His own people to fall into that category (v. 7). Yahweh rejoices over His people, even sings over them (v. 9). God delights in redeeming and saving them. In addition, He takes responsibility to circumcise their hearts so that they will love and serve Him with all their hearts (v. 6). Jesus knows that we are incapable of even loving Him on our own, but He has made a way, through His own sacrifice, so that our hearts can be changed through His doing.

Yahweh’s instructions are simple and clear. They are not so far above us that we cannot understand them, and they are not so far away from us that we will never be able to find them, but they are very near (vv. 11–14). Indeed, God puts His words in our hearts and in our mouths, so that they become part of us. This is the process of sanctification, changing us so that we want to follow God, not out of legalism but out of joy and gratitude.

Finally, while Yahweh’s words are life, it is ultimately because they point to Him and come from Him, and He is life! God does not want us to die, but to live. He gives us the choice, because He longs for a true relationship, not robotic service. And He calls us to choose life, a cry that echoes time and again through the rest of the Old Testament and into the New Testament. As verses 17 and 18 make clear, it is our hearts that will turn away and lead us to death, not so much our acts of disobedience. So, Moses calls us to cling to Yahweh, “cling” being a word used for sticky honey, implying that we are to be so close that we will never let go. In this way, His life and love can flow through us and in us, changing our hearts and filling us with abundant joy!