Read This Week’s Passage: Deuteronomy 30:1–20

Choose Life!

Deuteronomy is the heart of the gospel, the foundational book of the Bible. God’s heart and gracious character are seen clearly here, along with His desire for us to live with Him forever in health and joy. Of all the chapters in Deuteronomy, chapter 30 captures the plan of salvation in such simple terms and calls us to a decision to choose God.

God is life, and choosing Him is choosing life. It really is that simple. God has not made it complicated. The Torah is not far off or confusing. Unlike in many other religions, we are not left in doubt as to what God would have us do. And when we let God work in our hearts, the Torah is not hard either. Following God’s commands flows naturally from following God and basking in His salvation for us.

God’s greatest desire is to bless us, abundantly and eternally. God rejoices in His people, to prosper and multiply them. Despite our sin, God has compassion on us, and brings us back from where we were scattered due to our rebellion and the consequences of the covenant curses. This is grace par excellence: undeserved favor.

Ultimately, this chapter is all about the heart. God is not interested in obedience per se, but in a relationship with us. He knows that our only hope is to love Him with all our heart, but we cannot even do that on our own. So He does the heart circumcision necessary for us: this is the gospel in a nutshell.