Once again, the picture of Yahweh in this passage is powerful and complex. First and foremost, Yahweh is the only God. There are no other gods, and so any intimation contrary to that is a lie from the devil. In addition, what Yahweh longs for is a true and intimate relationship with His people. He wants to be close to each one of us (v. 10). And this perhaps hints at the insidious evil of idolatry. Rather than leading our hearts close to God, idolatry removes us from who God really is, and means that we are focusing on an image or object or false copy, rather than the true personal God. God is not able to be showcased or worshipped in a form, because He is the God who is all powerful, all knowing, and all loving. God works mighty miracles for His people, which is easy to forget if one is looking at a statue. God speaks to us in our hearts, through His word, through other people, and even in powerful miraculous ways. Yahweh wants to rescue us from our stilted, flimsy views of who He is, and give us grander visions of His love and mercy and compassion.

Yahweh is merciful. Even though the people have been steeped in rebellion and will continue to betray Him, God shows compassion and love toward them (vv. 29–31). God brought them out of Egypt to be His people, and this defining deliverance should be the foundation of their faith. Based on His actions for them in the past, they are to look forward to more miracles, with greater faith. Rather than disregard the covenant, they are to see in it God’s ultimate commitment to save them, which is never based on their actions. This love and salvation is to change their hearts and draw out a corresponding desire to love God in return, manifested by loving actions of obedience and gratitude.

God’s Torah is righteous and true. The laws are not to burden the people but to set them free. The Torah is not to be followed in order to be saved but because the people already are saved. When the people pour their hearts and souls into their relationship with God, they will find Him always and already there, waiting to enter their hearts and restore them anew.