First of all, it is important to realize that Yahweh in the Old Testament is Jesus! There is good evidence for this all through the Bible. Yahweh is God’s covenant name, His personal name that He uses in relationship with His people. Yahweh creates humans, and Jesus created all (cf. John 1). Yahweh is the mediator between God and humans, even before He becomes human (cf. Prov 8). And while Yahweh is one God, there are two persons who are Yahweh mentioned many places together (cf. Judg. 6; Mal 3). In addition, the angel of Yahweh is the one who appears to people many times, and they think He is a man or an angel at first, but then realize He is God (cf. Judges 13). But the angel of Yahweh is the one who appears to Moses in the burning bush and says, “I am Yahweh” (Exod. 3)! Yahweh is the one who speaks to the people from Sinai. And in the New Testament, Paul makes clear that “Jesus is Yahweh” (Rom. 10:9). This concept revolutionizes how to see the Old Testament. Jesus has always been seeking the hearts of His people, as well as desiring to be close to them.

In Deuteronomy 1, Yahweh is the one who is giving them the land (v. 21). God always gives us good things, even when we doubt if they are good or not. God does not ever bring fear or terror, and sometimes He speaks through other people to remind us not to be afraid. Satan is the one who is seeking to get us to think that God only wants to destroy us, but those are lies. God longs to bless us abundantly! And yet, God allows us to make our own choices about listening to Him or not. He never forces Himself upon us.

This passage also describes many aspects of Yahweh’s parental relationship with His people. Whether or not you have had a good earthly father, Yahweh is your eternally good heavenly father (v. 31). Earthly fathers will sin and hurt us, but Yahweh will carry us and hold us close like we have always wanted a good father to do. Not only that, but Yahweh will fight for us and protect us (v. 30). When we have enemies on all sides, we do not have to be afraid, because Yahweh is all powerful and will defend us. And even when we reject and betray Him, Yahweh will never leave us but will always stay by our side and remind us of His love and desire to deliver us from our lives of sin and suffering.