In Daniel chapter 2, Nebuchadnezzar has a dream that is interpreted by Daniel, giving us a stunning prediction of the rise and fall of kingdoms, ending with the second coming of Jesus. The king saw a great metal man; with Daniel’s interpretation and historical verification, the following prophecy is both fulfilled and predicted:

  • Head of Gold – Babylon
  • Chest of Silver – Medo-Persia
  • Belly of Bronze – Greece
  • Legs of Iron – Rome
  • Feet of Iron and Clay – Divided Europe
  • Rock – Second Coming of Jesus

Daniel 2 predicts that there will be four earthly world powers represented by the metals. The metals decrease in value as you progress through history; but the metals increase in strength. The Bible predicts the fragmentation of the world empire into iron and clay; and also predicts that they would never be joined together in the same way as the other kingdoms, although there would be attempts. Indeed, Charlemagne, Napoleon, and Hitler all tried and failed in uniting Europe. Then the Bible predicts the installation of God’s eternal kingdom that would never be destroyed.

God is five for five in His predictions. Babylon is followed by Medo-Persia, which is followed by Greece, and so on. With incredible accuracy, while the kingdom of Babylon was at the height of its glory and power, Daniel 2 predicted with remarkable, 100-percent accuracy the story of the succession of kingdoms.

The only part that is not yet fulfilled is the second coming of Jesus. From purely a statistical probability standpoint, belief in the second coming of Jesus is a rational and reasonable belief. Faith in the second coming is not based on a lack of evidence that appeals to our reason. God gives us His track record of 100-percent accuracy to trust His Word.