Read This Week’s Passage: Daniel 2:31–49

Building Trust

Trust is built on history and track record. Trust is a dynamic relational entity that increases or decreases based on our history with an individual or group that has demonstrated trustworthiness. In other words, if we have a history of seeing and experiencing a person who has come through for us time and time again, our trust grows. If we experience the opposite, our trust decreases.

Trust is based on our belief in the person’s character. The character traits of steadfastness and commitment to keeping one’s word build trust. Who the person is and what the person says in terms of reliability determines our level of trust in the individual.

Trust is based on our belief in the person’s capability. We can have trust in the person’s character, but we won’t trust an individual to a particular task if we believe that they are incompetent for the task. In other words, trust must be based on the person’s character and capability.

Prophecy is God’s way of building our trust. The desire to reveal prophecy gives indication of God’s character. And the accurate record of predictive prophecy reveals the capability of God. In the prophecy of Daniel 2, God gives us a history and a track record of evidence that appeals to our minds and hearts to trust Him.