Jesus is interested in wholistic restoration. His goal is not just to get us into heaven but to fit us for heaven. Jesus is concerned with both our title to and fitness for heaven. Our fitness for heaven involves our character development, and our character development involves waiting on God.

While it may be considered rude to keep someone waiting on you, when Jesus keeps us waiting, it can be the most loving thing to do. God’s love is more than sentimentalism. It is a love that cares about our growth and development and ultimately wants for us the fullness of happiness and joy.

Imagine if we got from Jesus everything we wanted, when we wanted it. We would develop into impatient, demanding, and entitled human beings. The fact is that waiting is a critical part of the process of making us into loving, patient, and lovable Christians.

Waiting on God is not time that is worthless. It is the most productive time for our character development. It is a time when God is intensely working in us while He is working for us.