Read This Week’s Passage: Daniel 9:1–19

A Faulty Church?

In the twenty-first century, the faults and foibles of the church have made individuals, both within and without the church, jaded and cynical about the church and institutions in general. There is no question that the charlatans and hypocritical leaders have in many ways caused a black eye to the church’s reputation. There is the gut reaction to dissociate oneself and move on; after all, we all have our own problems and issues.

We find in Daniel’s prayer, however, an example of not dissociating from a church that is messing up. Instead, the first half of Daniel 9 reveals a stunning identification with a church that is in crisis. Rather than moving away and being indifferent to the church in crisis, Daniel moves toward it and identifies with it on a profound level. Daniel’s prayer portrays a vivid example of how we can respond to a faulty church.