Read This Week’s Passage: Daniel 6

Highest Priority

Devotional time can often be missed and rushed through in the busyness of life. In the rush of day-to-day crammed schedules and classes, devotional life can seem less important. The pull of getting things done, the pressure of deadlines, and the heaviness of life’s demands can make Bible study, prayer life, and spiritual disciplines wane. The commitment to devotions can even disappear in times of crisis or stress. If we are not aware, devotions can easily go to the backburner of our priority list.

Daniel chapter 6 presents a radical commitment to devotions exemplified by Daniel well into his career as a senior citizen. Not only was the elder statesman known for his wisdom, prophetic understanding, faithfulness, and integrity, but he had a devoutness that characterized him throughout his years. Daniel so valued his devotional life that he thought it was worth dying for. Are you dying to get busy or too busy to die? Discover Daniel’s liberation in this week’s study of chapter 6.