God loves us, and He desires to reveal Himself to us. He does this through nature, through His Word, and most profoundly in the incarnation of Jesus Christ. The knowledge of God brings with it great blessings and the responsibility for accountability.

Accountability seems like anything but a relational word. We typically view it in terms of accountability to authority or accountability to institutions. However, we are accountable to our children and spouses in a relational sense. Relationship without accountability is no more of a relationship than we can have with our cars and homes. In other words, accountability implies free, intelligent moral agents. Relationships, love, and intimacy can only exist where there are free moral agents; and with free will comes accountability—accountability being the other side of the coin of free will.

In terms of our relationships, we can know that our accountability will always come from a Being who is the very definition of fairness and love. There will never be any misunderstanding, for He is omniscient. There will never be injustice, for He is justice. There will always be mercy, for He is mercy. In the end, there is no one that we can be more grateful to be accountable to than to God.