Read This Week’s Passage: Daniel 4


Pride is touted as a positive virtue in the secular world, as long as it presented in a socially acceptable and palatable manner. Even in the Christian community, some sins are looked upon with disdain but the subtle nature of pride in one’s own heart gets a pass. Of course, there is plain arrogance that we abhor. The irony is that we abhor it the more because of the vestiges of pride that we have in our own hearts. We hate the characteristics in others that we ourselves fully possess.

The story of Nebuchadnezzar’s public humiliation and fall from pride is a warning especially to those living in the end of time. Pride is a characteristic that we are to ask God to expunge from our lives. Pride will be the downfall of Christian living just before Jesus comes. Of the eight stories in Daniel, this story reveals the characteristic that we are to avoid as the prophecies of Daniel are being fulfilled.