What was the motivation that drove the three Hebrews to make such a radical stand on the plain of Dura? It certainly was not the fear of humankind; it was the fear of God. This was not a fear of God in the sense of being afraid; rather, for the Hebrews, the opinion of God mattered more than the opinion of their human peers. God’s opinion was worth dying for. They cared what God thought more than anyone else in the world!

The person you love the most is the person whose opinion matters the most. In a sense, because you love them, you “fear” displeasing them. In the end of time, there will be two groups of people: those who fear God and those who fear the beast—those who worship the Lamb and those who worship the beast. The beast uses coercive measures, while those who follow the Lamb do so out of love.

The Hebrew young adults made their stand because, to them, God was living reality in their consciousness. Through the eyes of faith, they believed in the invisible God, and when the music played, it was as if they were in the audience of the only One whose opinion mattered most.