Read This Week’s Passage: Daniel 3


We live in a culture where the Christian community has recreated God in its own image—the postmodern Christian God that is big on grace and low on human commitment. Rationalizations are given for every biblical principle. Compromise and explanations are touted any time biblical principles conflict with human desire. In short, we live in a world where Christianity promises you everything and yet requires little or no commitment.

Daniel chapter 3 radically challenges the postmodern picture of God. The God of Daniel is the God of both radical grace and radical commitment. Rather than recreating God in our image, we are recreated in the image of God’s willingness to sacrifice even life itself.

The radical grace of God that required the death of God brings out a response of radical human commitment even unto death. The three Hebrews made their stand on the plain of Dura, exemplifying radical faithfulness unto death, a characteristic that will be reproduced again in God’s people at the end of time.