It’s easy to fall into a mindless ritual of saying the same prayers over and over again out of habit or obligation. Prayer is one of the most essential yet neglected practices for professed Christians. Prayer is the lifeblood of the soul. Furthermore, it is conversation with God, and conversation is relationship. As one expert on conversation put it, “The conversation is the relationship,” and “our very lives succeed or fail, change gradually, then suddenly one conversation at a time” (Susan Scott, Fierce Conversation, 12). In other words, we talk about having a “relationship with God,” but what does that mean? When we boil down our relationship with God to its essence, it is communion with Him—conversation. Therefore, if there is no conversation, there is no relationship; if there is no prayer, there is no relationship.

Prayer has been turned into a meritorious ritual by some, or a non-essential, supplementary aspect of the Christian experience by others. Prayer is neither of these. Prayer is purely relational. In our marriages, friendships, or any other human relationship, conversation is our relationship, and our relationship with God is no exception. Prayer is conversation; and conversation is relationship.