Why did God give the dream to Nebuchadnezzar first, rather than to Daniel?

God gave the dream to Nebuchadnezzar first and not to Daniel, which indicates that God was trying to reach King Nebuchadnezzar through the dream. One of the greatest predictive prophecies of Scripture was given to a heathen monarch! Bible prophecy is redemptive in nature, and not just about predictions and fulfillment. It’s about saving people. Ultimately Nebuchadnezzar was converted through a series of events that began with prophetic illumination.

Another reason why God gave the message to Nebuchadnezzar first was to reveal to him the futility of seeking truth apart from God’s messengers, His prophets. These human vessels were chosen to deliver supernatural revelations. Seeking spiritual truth apart from other sources, whether they be academic institutions, palm readers, or secular sources, all fall short of God’s prophetic Word found in Scripture. The book of Daniel reveals the supremacy of Scripture above every other source of knowledge.

Why was prayer the condition of revelation for Daniel?

Before God can give revelation, the heart must be right. This can only be accomplished through prayer. By nature, prayer is an acknowledgment of our own deficiency and of God’s supremacy. The simple act of prayer implies humanity’s inability, inadequacy, and need. The prophecies of Daniel can only be understood when our studies of the prophecies are bathed in prayer.

Furthermore, prayer has implications for the nature of the great controversy between Christ and Satan. Roger Morneau states, “In prayer and supplication to God, who waits for our requests for help so that He will then have the legal right in the sight of the universe to move with power into Satan’s domain and rescue his captives” (The Incredible Power of Prayer, 41). There are rules in the great controversy. Prayer gives God the right and authorization to move above and beyond what He would normally be able to do. Our prayers are our consent in giving God clearance to intervene.

What is the significance of Daniel praying with his three friends?

We see the importance of private prayer in Daniel chapter 6. Corporate prayer in no way diminishes the need for private prayer. Daniel 2, however, establishes the blessing of small-group prayer in addition to our personal prayer life—especially in times of crisis. Daniel and his three friends became a community of prayer and fellowship through their experience in Babylon. This also reveals that spiritual revelation comes to the community of believers but can be received in isolation apart from the body. The Bible establishes the essential relationship of spiritual community and spiritual revelation.