Read This Week’s Passage: Daniel 2:1–30


Daniel chapter 1 begins with the theme of temperance and its correlation with spiritual revelations, while chapter 2 contains the theme of prayer and its relationship with spiritual revelation. A crisis has arisen in Babylon, and Daniel and his three friends pray. God’s answer to their prayers affected not just their circumstance but also Christianity’s understanding of prophetic history forever. And it all began in a small-group prayer meeting!

The importance of prayer is often talked about but is seldom practiced beyond the formalities of praying before meals and before one goes to sleep. It has almost become a mere ritual or rite of passage that Christians do out of habit. Thus the organic, authentic, and invigorating potential of prayer is seldom experienced. Furthermore, the transformative power of prayer for the individual as well as the global impact is lost.

We might think of prophecy as an intellectual exercise of the mind. However, the book of Daniel grounds prophetic understanding in physical temperance and spiritual prayer. The book of Daniel does not assume a dualistic approach of the separation between mind, body, and the spiritual nature to understanding. Rather, it necessitates that the entire human being be conditioned for spiritual revelation. Prayer is the prerequisite to spiritual prophetic understanding.