Read This Week’s Passage: Daniel 9:20–27

Belonging and Believing

We live in an age when it’s more important to belong than to believe. People are looking for community and for connection. Even in the Christian community, truth and beliefs and doctrines are minimized. But God is calling us to worship in spirit and truth (John 4:24). In other words, it is not belonging or believing; it is belonging and believing. God wants us to have community that is grounded in truth.

Belonging and believing in an Adventist community necessitates that questions of Adventist identity must be answered. We must know for ourselves whether the central tenets of our belief system are indeed on solid biblical footing. Ellen White states that the 2,300-day prophecy is “the central pillar” of the Adventist faith. By implication, if we are wrong on the “central pillar,” the whole structure crumbles. How solid is the evidence for our interpretation of Daniel 8:14? This is an identity question that we cannot afford to entrust to others; we must examine the evidence for ourselves.