God is a transparent God. He is not holding a secret judgment in heaven to determine who has been lost and who has been saved. He is holding an open judgment, so that all the universe can see the decisions of who will be in heaven. This openness reveals that the issue in the great controversy is the war for hearts and minds. Satan’s accusations against God before the universe about God’s justice and fairness will be completely put to rest by the transparency of God in the final phase of the plan of salvation in the judgment.

Jesus is our advocate in heaven. Satan is our accuser. When we accept Jesus as our Savior and Lord, Jesus stands as our representative in heaven. The record of all our sins is blotted out by the blood of Jesus; His life stands for our life. God does not see our sins, but rather He sees the righteousness of Jesus Christ. It’s not about what God thinks of us; it is what God thinks of Jesus in the judgment.

Righteousness by faith is the message of the judgment; for it is only through the righteousness of Christ that we can stand in the judgement that is taking place in heaven. It is by claiming the righteousness of Christ by faith that we can have peace and assurance through this judgment period.