The great controversy between Christ and Satan culminates with Satan using the papacy as the vehicle to bring the world to false worship. The central issue in the end of time will be worship. The central issue will be the question, Will you worship Jesus Christ or will you worship the anti-Christ?

The prophecy of Daniel 7 about the little horn’s power is a warning from God that the issues at stake will not be Christianity against paganism. Rather it will be paganism under the garb of Christianity that will be persecuting God’s people. Ultimately, the papacy is simply a player in the backdrop of the great controversy between Christ and Satan.

The warnings about the end-time anti-Christ is by implication a clarion call to rest in Jesus Christ. If we rest in Jesus, we can be assured that He will save us for the next part of the prophecy, where the kingdom of God will be established, and we will be a part of God’s kingdom forever. The end-time issue will revolve around the central issue of worshiping Jesus Christ or worshiping the anti-Christ.