Read This Week’s Passage: Daniel 7:1–8; 15–28

New Player

There are children born every day into the horrible places of war zones. The soldiers on the ground are only players against the great backdrop of leaders and entities. In a similar way, we all have been born into a war zone. The players on the field are situated against the backdrop of the great controversy between Christ and Satan. We must look beyond the players on the field of history that we can see to the invisible realities that we cannot see, to realize fully the issues that are at stake.

In Daniel 7 we have a repetition of the world powers in the metal image of Daniel 2; but we have an additional player that enters the scene. The new power is different than all the rest, and Daniel 7 gives the most details about this new power, leaving us clues to come to a clear understanding of the identity of this new player.