In His preface to, and definition of, the new covenant, Jesus shares the deepest longings of His heart for every person on the planet to be with Him forever. He can envision a day when everyone on earth, “from the least of them to the greatest” (Heb. 8:11, NKJV), will know Him (part of His third new-covenant promise and revelation about Himself). They will know more than knowing about Him, as in checking off on a survey that they had heard about Him, or even that they had attended Bible classes and/or church services and could get a decent grade on a test about things He had done and said during His life here. They would really know Him:

  • Knowing how much He loves them, that He is crazy about them, and that He loves it when they are happy and He feels it deeply when they aren’t
  • Knowing Him as in trusting that He is always there for them even when they cannot sense it
  • Knowing Him as the One with whom they can share their deepest thoughts, feelings, frustrations, discouragements, joys, and just anything and everything they think about and feel, and believing that He cares about it all and wants to be involved
  • Knowing Him as in desiring every day to have Him involved in their lives—at home, at school, at work, in their relationships, wherever, in whatever, and with whoever they are involved
  • Knowing Him as in considering Him their very best friend; they go to bed and wake up thinking about Him

For real, deep down, knowing Him.

But also desiring to know Him at deeper levels still. So, desiring to hang out with people you can sense also love Him and know Him; sharing your experiences with Jesus, your insights into who He is based on your study of the Bible, the writings of Ellen White, and other spiritual resources; and discussing the questions you have about Him.

It is knowing Jesus at such a deep level that one of your greatest excitements is sharing Him with acquaintances who don’t yet know Him, or who know about Him but do not really know Him at a level that brings them joy, hope, and a purpose to live for every day.

Jesus longs for the day when everyone will know Him at that level, “from the least of them to the greatest”—from the homeless orphan picking through the garbage dump to find food enough for that day for him and his little sister to the lost power broker who dines sumptuously every day and never gives a dime to charity. Jesus’ new covenant promises assure that everyone who will not resist the continual drawing of the Holy Spirit on their hearts will be drawn to Jesus through repentance and faith, be reconciled to God, forgiven of their sins, and sanctified through the writing of His law on their hearts, resulting in an “obedience that comes from faith” (Rom. 1:5, NIV). He wants no one to be left out of the potentiality and the hope offered to them in His new covenant.